Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

My cousin, Sarah's father, had dementia in his later years. Sarah's mom (my aunt) lives in the same town as we do, but Sarah lived in Philadelphia. She met and married an amazing man by the name of Alex. Alex decided that my aunt needed help, so he went looking for a house in fact in my aunt's backyard so if she needed help at any time, he and Sarah could be there at a moment's notice. Now, he didn't have to do that. They could have stayed in Philadelphia, which isn't that far away, but that's the type of guy he is. Even though my uncle died this year, he still insists that they stay in town and now my dad gets to reap the benefits of Alex's kindness. He is generous and gracious to my dad as well as to my mother and brother. It isn't often that we have family that everyone likes, but my cousins, on the whole, did very well with their picks of first or second husbands. The majority of the men are kind and generous to all...and they are fun to be around. So, this day is in honor of Alex who inherited not just one family, but an extended one as well.

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