Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010

Today we went to the RiverView restaurant in West Deptford, NJ. It was nice. The view is looks across the Delaware River towards Philadelphia. I wish there were more restaurants like that on our side of the river. It must be really nice in the spring and at night. We went for lunch because 1) it's cheaper and 2) it's cheaper. No, really I like going for lunches over dinners most days. Plus, of course, the Eagles are on at 4:00 so Dad wanted to be home for that game. Not that it matters...they are still in the playoffs, but still fun to watch.

We had crab/lobster bisque, which was really good, but served too cold. I'm sure had we sent it back, it would have been fine, but even the second bowl that was ordered was served the same way. Mom's mussels were very good, served with sausage, but they need to include a plate for the shells.

Dad had a flat iron steak perched on steak fries. A flat iron is not the best cut of meat, and this proved to be a bit tough. The potatoes didn't seem to be cooked through, and only cut as fries, not crisp.

I ordered the Parmasean encrusted shrimp with mozzarella. It was good, and I'd make it at home, but there was too much bread AND fries. I guess they do this because it's lunch, but I'll know better next time.

Dad, to our surprise, ordered dessert. That was delicious. It was a white chocolate on chocolate with a cream of white and milk chocolate inside.

Service was good, and our bill came to 75.00 with tip for three people/ no drinks. Would I go back? Sure. The setting is very pretty and the service wonderful. I would try something else, though.

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