Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 30, 2010

My poor car had its first booboo today. After driving home from Atlantic City in a horrific snow storm (snow headed right at me so I couldn't see more than a few feet in front of me) and making it out of the Walmart parking lot without an incident, I was driving home on Haddonfield/Berlin Road just past the town border. The road kind of curves to the right. I was in the right lane when the lady next to me got too close and clipped my rear view mirror. It was like she was trying to get in front of me coming into my lane. The sound was horrible, but the damage not as bad as I thought She accused me of coming into her lane...I never go to the left around the she called 911. It took the police about 1 hour to get there and when they did the police officer (a woman) wrote up an accident report. I don't know what it says because she never gave it to us so now i have to have my parents pick it up on Monday. It's such a bother and my poor car Good thing is that HER car was a Kia as well so the way that they are made made it not have that much inpact, although it sounded bad.


  1. That explains why you didn't come over to EduCon in Philly. Hope you are not too shaken up!

  2. I was so disappointed not to go. I thought I shouldn't push my luck.