Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21, 2010

Tonight I went to dinner with five friends from school to celebrate a birthday of one of them. Three of us there, Kathy, Maryann, and Linda ... I have known for almost THIRTY years. It's ind of remarkable to think that. We started together at Memorial School (middle school) and then were separated into different elementary schools. The wonderful thing is, that as we are closing out our teaching careers, we all ended up together at the same elementary school. Linda, Kathy and I are still teaching, and Maryann has retired, but I still love getting together with these women who know the stories of my past and hold some of the fun of my future in their hearts.

Maryann ordered the talipia for dinner (shown above). I had the crab cake. Mine was just okay, but Maryann said hers was delicious. Izzy's is a favorite restaurant of ours in Medford, NJ. So favorite, in fact, that we have already penned in our next meal next month there.

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