Monday, January 18, 2010

January 18, 2010

Being friends with someone for five, ten, or even twenty years is great, but imagine being friends with people for over FIFTY years. That right. The two couples on the left met in college, stood up for each other at their weddings, and are STILL meeting three or four times a year for lunches. The Wilsons are such a great couple. They are in the middle. They have three children and love to travel. My dad (on the left) and Bob were in the same fraternity together in Upsala College. Kathy Wilson was a teacher forever and LOVES being retired now. She and I always have something to talk about and argue about. My mom, she's the one who holds it all together. She makes the phone calls to arrange the lunches (with a bit of prompting from me) I love being a fly on the wall, listening to all the stories over and over again, and finding out new things about my parents whenever I can. This lunch was at Basil's in Freehold, NJ (not a place I'd give more than two stars to), but we don't go for the food. It's the company. And what wonderful company it is.

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