Saturday, January 30, 2010

January 29, 2010

THERE are days you search for pictures and then there are days you have way TOO many pictures...that has been my past 24 hours. I have pictures from the luncheon after the funeral, I have pictures of Atlantic City, and I have pictures of my poor car's first encounter with another car; actually that was today, so I'll save that for the next blog.
Yesterday after the luncheon hosted most graciously by Jeff's dad, I grabbed by computer and luggage and started towards Atlantic City to participate in the NJEducational Association Leadership Meeting. Staying at the Sheraton is always fun, especially when someone else is paying for it. A huge kind sized bed greeted me around 4:00 By 5:30 I was listening intently learning about health care and negotiations with other districts from around SJersey. By 700 we were pretty fried with PPOs and PPS and HMOs and all so broke for dinner. I met Tammi and her team in the lobby where we took a cab to Ceaser's Casino. Anna and Tammi and their friend are all so nice. They are on their negotiations team in Upper Township so it was fun to compare ideas and stories. Tammi and I have known each other for about five years, having presented at NECC in Philadelphia We had dinner at the Continental Restaurant, a really nice place. After ordering martinis or wine, we decided on tapas...salad, sliders (my first time trying Kobe beef), Philadelphia cheese-steak egg rolls, lobster macaroni and cheese which to my surprise was delicious! Calamari and I'm sure something else along with dessert rounded out the dinner. The best thing...bill for drinks only. Sweet Then to the casino where I promptly lost 20.00 quickly I don't like the new don't play with cash or coins but just push a button. No putting coins off to the side, no dirty work. Usually, I would be gambling up a storm, but it just wasn't any fun, but Tammi's friends won about ten dollars each so that was good. Then back to the hotel where I promptly collapsed until this morning. I did get this great shot of Atlantic City, though, at night. That flag is really a building that changes pictures throughout the night.

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