Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

Every other Friday, my students have the option to use their "Kasse's Kash" to buy things from my class store. This can be anything from Principal for Half a Day
($1, 000.00) to pens and erasers. They earn the money from doing their homework, winning games in class, getting compliments, etc. The students must hold on to their own money throughout the year. If they lose it, they lose it. Some put an identifying mark, but the money is recirculated each week. One of my parents collects the reading calendars each month and pays the kids money for their reading over fifteen minutes a night.

I love the way this year's "kash" looks...very realistic. Of course, the picture in the middle is the give away, but it does look good.

This week I also added a rewards card...based on what adults get by using their rewards card at BestBuy or Staples, etc. The kids can use their reward card ONLY IF they finish their morning bell work. Then it can be used throughout the day to garner reward points (for turning in homework, getting As on tests, etc). When they have ten, that gives them 10 chances in the chance bag. They can earn more than ten a week. Then, on Friday, we choose three numbers from the chance bag and those three people get something from the store "on the house". The students have really taken to this. I hope it lasts more than just a few weeks. Homework has increased, and I feel better about rewarding the kids who do their work.

The class store is something I hope to continue next year.


  1. Love this idea! What a wonderful classroom management strategy! Hope it keeps working!

  2. All I can say it...I could never keep track of all of that! Good for you....

  3. I don't keep track of it..which is the beauty of it...the kids do.