Thursday, February 11, 2010

February 11, 2019

It was a nice day...the morning was filled with making CDs for the cast of The Wizard of Oz...don't know if I made enough, but I'll find out tomorrow. Shoveling was harder today than yesterday and there was more water and ice, but the cars were moving. There is a ton of snow in our parking lot blocking lots of parking spaces, but until the construction equipment and people go to work during the day, we can't get rid of it.

Went to the Christmas Tree Store and got some things for the play and Valentines for my class. Then to Wegmans for lunch and then to Kia to order my new side view mirror. Luckily, the part will only cost 25.00 but the painting will cost 60. What is the rationale in that? Then of course there is installation. Pop it on. Another thing I can do myself.. Hmmmm....maybe I should just do that.
The part is coming from CA so it will be about a week.

Home around 3, more CDs and just down time on the computer. Going into school at the normal time tomorrow to have practically half a day since we have a party in the afternoon. Then, after school, I get to model at Rizzeri's again for wash and blow dry. Nice way to start the weekend.

A three day weekend...time to get ready for PETE&C in Hershey, PA.

Today's picture is a new glass I bought for water. This makes five. I needed something like this today to remind me there IS hope...spring WILL get WILL be finished...and life will be renewed.

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