Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 28, 2010

Well, we made the end of February even without that one extra day that would have made it a leap year. Today the Olympic hockey team (featuring a player from Cherry Hill, NJ) received the silver medal losing in overtime to Canada, but what an extraordinary game those young men played. Today my mom's computer went old one that I think I had for about five years and she's had for three. She never learned how to back things up, so I'm hoping we can at least save the word documents she has. Lucky enough to have another lap top I set up for her, but now need to set up the printer as well. Today is Sunday, and hopefully, we will get back into a routine of school and good eating starting tomorrow. Four days off just sets off every "if it's a snow day, let's eat whatever" attitude. Today is the day I finished another month of my 365 photos...a record for anything after this is such a bonus. Today is the day that marks two months without soda of any kind. A good thing.

And, today is the day I notice my bulbs starting to come up. Through the mud, through the snow, these resilient little plants are poking their stems up through the ground. THEY know spring is coming... I just hope someone has told Mother Nature that message as well.


  1. NO NO NO no bulbs yet! It is too early, I think.Mine are still under 12" of snow! By the way I think Leap year is 29 days and this year is 28.OOPS

  2. Great post, I photographed my bulbs popping up before the most recent snow. Under the snow is good because they are still insulated.

  3. Robin, you are so right. What a slip up.