Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February 3, 2010

This was the first week of drama. It was different this year because the kids already knew their parts before winter vacation so anyone who wanted to it before today had their chance. Not many did. This week we read through the script. It took three days to get through it, but it was so great. In the morning, I have singing practice with some of the kids for about ten minutes so they can hear the songs and get to know what they have to do. The best, though, is to watch them become a “team.” They sit in a horse shoe shape every day, so no one’s back is to another, read with their acting partner, and help each other learn lines and meet new people. It’s fun to watch the interaction between the fourth and fifth graders. Our school is pretty close and most of these kids already know each other, but this is such a special place for more than 70 kids to gather together knowing that they are doing what they want to do. Kirby Pucket wrote, “Find out what your gift or talent is and do it.” For these kids it’s acting, singing and dancing. Nothing wrong with that.

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