Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010

100 days ago nineteen students walked into my room. We didn't know each other; they were a bit afraid of all the"scary"things they had heard about me. I was a bit apprehensive of the"second graders" I had heard about, plus this was my firs year in third grade without an assistant. Still 100 days later, we have made it into a tight knit group who care and protect each other. They have gone from "I don't know how to write cursive" to putting my handwriting to shame." They have gone from not using a computer to begging to get the mobile lab every day. There have been tears, fears, some let downs on both sides, but still each day these amazing students come back. Day after day. I walk into the room and their faces light up with a "Hi, Miss Kasse" like they are happy to see me. They tell me that I am intelligent, pretty (thank goodness for a nine year old eyes), and love to see me smiling at them each morning. I have pushed them farther than they or I thought they could go. We have laughed at 100 jokes, cried at the loss of pets, grandparents, friends. I have met their amazing parents and marvel at the way we are all working towards the same goal...the best for their child.

Today we celebrated by each person bringing in 100 of "something" and distributing it to the rest of the class. Paper, paper clips, mints, Cherrios, even pasta were given out in our celebration.

100 days doesn't seem very long in the scheme of things (considering I've been teaching for more than 4, 500 days in my life), but even so, just the thought of only having this class for 80 more days brings a twinge of sadness to me. The one good thing is that they will be in fourth grade, and I'll get to see them for at least 360 days after they leave me.

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