Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 27, 2010

The world waited and watched today as an 8.8 earthquake in Chilie caused what could have been a devastating tsunami in Hawaii this afternoon. The hour of the predicted tsunami on the Hilo coast as well as in Oahu, came and went and, although thousands were evacuated from low lying areas, no harm came to anyone. The Hawaiian people practice this drill again and again like we practice fire drills. Last summer we visited the Tsunami Museum and saw the devastation the last one brought the island. I was so happy that they were spared this time.

Breaking away from a day of news and Olympics, I went to see the local high school production of The Wizard of Oz to see if I could get any ideas for my own production in April. The kids did a nice job and I did come away with some staging tips, but I have to say our Dorothys (we have two) are almost as good as theirs and our lion is JUST as good. I look forward to working with the kids again this week. But, no matter how good or bad the shows are, drama is something that is just so good for kids. It gives kids an outlet other than sports where they can feel accepted and have fun. For those who ARE good in sports and participate in a show, it fosters more team work and acceptance of others. I won't think about cutting anyone from our just isn't right. When our schools work on having students of all levels succeed, why would we even think of cutting a child from an activity. Just a thought.

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