Saturday, February 20, 2010

February 20, 2010

If it's February it must be HERSHEY time...and so it is...Discovery's FREE pre-conference before PETE&C, the technology convention for educators from PA. I'm an interloper, being from NJ but as part of the Leadership Council if I can help, I do, so this time I can help by setting up and presenting at a recess session. I pay my own hotel room, but it's a fun way to reconnect with friends and people I have met over the years in Silver Spring, MD. It's also very nice of Matt M and the gang to invited us out to dinner at the Hershey Lodge, which is where I was tonight. Last year was my first year and that was my first chocolate martini so to celebrate the anniversary, I did it again. But the food and drink were secondary to the lively conversation, magic tricks and even a little fire that went on. So, even though I give of myself this weekend, I also get a whole lot back.

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