Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 9, 2010

So...it was one of those days. Woke up a bit later as I had a meeting in Moorestown, NJ, as part of a Medford Educational team. It was very interesting and more details to come, but I had such fun there. Then off to school where my kids were wonderful. Mrs. Freidberg came in to thank the kids for the great job they did with her nephew's troop in Iraq...sending them Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now Valentines. She gave each of the kids a gift. Daniel was so cute. He told me his parents have taught him that if he does something nice for someone, he shouldn't take a thank you gift. I told him this was special because HE was special.

At end of the school day, it was announced we won't have school tomorrow because of the impending snow storm! You could hear the cheers all over the school...including the teachers. I don't mind a snow storm on the weekend, but trying to dig out before trying to get to school...no thank you.

After school we had drama practice. I went from teaching 20 kids the Munchkin Dance to almost 50, but they did a wonderful job. I want Munchkin Dance and Emerald City to be show stoppers. I may not be directing as much this year as I'm doing choreography, but we'll see how it goes. Then to ANOTHER Medford Education Association meeting where I'm a building rep. Interesting discussions there as well.

Came home to find my parking space already taken. Yes, it's MY parking space but a huge yellow construction truck was in its place. They have started the siding on my house; just the doorway, but now it will be a while before they get to the rest. I had to park across the street in a space that hadn't been shoveled out yet. SO..I got my mom to come over and take me to Best Buy so at least I won't loose THAT space. At Best Buys I got some more CDs so I can finish the kids' accompaniment CDs tomorrow and black ink. I HATE the fact that ink is still so expensive. $20.00 for ONE cartridge.

Back home and the space NEXT to the construction truck was empty so I quickly moved my car. NOW if the snow is too much, I'll just throw it on the truck.

By 8:00 the snow started in earnest here. It has totally covered the walkways that were just cleared and is coming down steadily now. By morning it will be another foot or ever more. My snow shovel and I are getting quite the workout these days.

Tomorrow I get to sleep in and enjoy the day. I just hope we get back to school sometime this week. We have off on Monday for Presidents' Day. I just hope I don't have to look forward to having the Fourth of July off.

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