Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 14, 2010

It's Valentine's Day and usually that means I would be taking a picture of a nice card, some chocolate, or even a gift given to me by someone...but not this year. I did get some very nice things from my students, but Dad forgot this year (the first time, but he's forgetting things now, so I can't blame him...although it's hard since this is the first time it has happened). I bought things to him, something for Mom, and a gift certificate for my brother, but nothing in return...except that I HAVE them...and that is a GIFT...that many people would give their right arm for...the fact that their family is still intact, nearby and I can see them whenever I want. So the gift, this year, is in the giving.
NOT to say, I didnt' give MYSELF a few first flat iron for my hair. I did go back to the hair dresser and if I want some lighter streaks, they will put them in for free, but maybe, just maybe I should go with this look for a bit. I bought some clips to pull it back with...a better look, which means more eye make up....and a skirt, pants, and top at Walmart. Travel pieces, so we'll see how they work.
NO, today I'm taking a picture of what has been outside my door every day for the past week. I have shoveled around it, thrown snow AT it, and lived with it as it is SUPPOSED to help put the siding up around my condo. Tomorrow they should be back at work, but tomorrow is a holiday so probably not. We'll see.
And how will I feel when this is gone??? Probably how I felt about today...grateful to have had it there, but happy the day (and it) will be gone.

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