Sunday, February 7, 2010

February 7, 2010

The day after the what the headlines in the Courier said today, and one has to agree. The total inches for Cherry Hill turned out to be something like 24.3 which makes it the second biggest snow storm in history.

I am so glad I got the car shoveled out yesterday as there wasn't all that much more to do today, but it still felt great getting out there, shoveling, and working up an appetite for today's Super Bowl food eating frenzy. I feel I ate more today than I have in a week. Still, no soda, no potato chips, and while I ate three things AFTER 8:00 tonight, I won't be doing that again. I also started taking vitamin B6 which is to help with mood and metabolism along with the fish oil. So, adding another good for you this week.

And a busy week it's going to be...tomorrow we have a two hour opening delay so I can work out in the morning or sleep in (lol), then on Tuesday I have a negotiations meeting in the morning. Wednesday is a half day for conferences, Thursday I have a reading/writing meeting in the morning, and Friday is the Valentine's Day party in school and I'm getting my hair blow dried at Rizzeri's for a model day. Of course there's also drama on Monday and Tuesday. Dance practice for me for the munchkins, which should be fun. At least this year I have the dance almost finished, so it should be fun to see if planning ahead works.

Hard to decide on a picture today. There were so many fun ones to take. I chose this one because I love the colors and the shapes.

Super Bowl is turned into a really good game in the end. The Saints won, which is nice for New Orleans. They need to celebrate some good things in that city these days.

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