Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 24, 2010

The phone rang in my classroom just as we were finishing up reading. "There's a guy who is going to put a hammer through your wall," my mom informed me. Just what someone wants to hear with nineteen kids getting ready to go to gym.

"Give me five minutes," I begged. "Let me call you back."

The outside of my house is being sided...not resided as this community was not sided to begin with, so for the past few months we have put up with reconstruction on the outside. On the inside of my house, there is a wall bowing out. It's in the stairway, leading to the second floor, and has a cathedral ceiling. I didn't know if it was structural or termites, but the management company was sending someone over to find out, but if someone is going to put a hole in that wall to find out WHY, that means replastering and hiring someone to repaint that wall. It's not that this is the first time I have complained about this, but it's the first time the managment company has sent someone over to see it. Of course it's during the construction time OUTSIDE the house as well.

What I liked about this was that my mom is such a great person. She had the tough and rough construction guys eating out of her hands. They are going to have to repair and repaint at their expense. What I like even better....I don't have to deal with it. What I LOVE about it is that my parents are there to help me out. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

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