Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18, 2010

There's a difference between reading about the tragedy that happened in Haiti and LIVING that tragedy. Mr. Mayer, parent of my third grade student, Christina, LIVED it in a way very few of us can. Mr. Mayer came to school today to tell us of his experience working as a coordinator of the rescue mission in Haiti. Traveling to Georgia on his first leg, he was getting ready to coordinate the teams who work with the Red Cross and the United Nations. After leaving Georgia, by a small plane, they headed for Port au Prince. In flight, the plane took a nosedive, sending a flight attendant to the ceiling and oxygen masks to drop from the ceiling. A quick detour to Turks Caicos set the plane down safely and people regained their nerve. That was just the beginning as his team finally landed in Haiti just two days after the devastating earthquake.

Put to work quickly, tents were erected, supplies were organized, and even the boy and girl scouts of the island came together to do what they could. Looting, crime, mayhem as food and medicines got to people. Young children dying who could NOT get medicine fast enough. Young children being kidnapped by those who take advantage of such situations and the and girl trafficing happening before it could be stopped...but was, the reason why the ten people were arrested so quickly although they were NOT part of the "other" group.

Mr. Mayer was gone from Christina and his family for three weeks, but in those three weeks, he made a difference. Something everyone can do each day of their lives...if they care like Mr. Mayer does.

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