Sunday, February 21, 2010

February 21, 2010

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be part of the DEN (Discovery Education Network) team in Hershey, PA, to help where I could, sit in on a few sessions, and help present at 'recess'. My ride TO Hershey was fairly easy, although I did make a few wrong turns. I arrived before lunch and spent that with Patti and Meg, going to Fudruckers, a restaurant I haven't been to in a long time. After that we helped by stuffing folders, putting together name badges, and, along with lots of other dedicated DEN members, get the day ready for the session on Sunday. After that I tried to go to the bank across the street, but the ATM was out of money (?). Upon returning to the hotel, I lost my parking space and had to park in another lot. When I entered the hotel, I was totally lost for at least fifteen minutes, but have to say I got a good workout in walking the halls. After that, we were all treated to a wonderful dinner at the Lodge. What fun meeting new PA and NJ Leadership Council people and catching up with Matt M, Steve D and meeting Whitney, all DEN leaders. Turning in, although not really sleeping, knowing I had to be up at 6 in order to go to work at 7. Back to the conference room (which I swear was as far away as it could), I hope I was helpful setting up and meeting and greeting people for the the first session. I bought so much "stuff" that I decided to move my car during the first session which meant MORE walking, but this time after I packed the car, I moved it closer to the entrance. Back to a session, lunch, and to present at recess. Of course my laptop wasn't working to its fullest (it's old and I know I need a new one), but my netbook was in my car, so OUT to the car, again, about 1/4 mile away! Moved it closer this time. The netbook worked, recess was great. I loved talking to people and meeting new ones. Then I had a session about making videos with kids, which I already do, then to give out prizes and I actually WON a microsope (toy one but the kids will like it). Then it was time to leave. When I got to the car I realized I couldn't find my phone. Back into the hotel (more walking) and no one had seen it. Robin helped by going to my car to see if it was there, and of course it was, inside the cover for the netbook. Sigh...I was exhausted. Luckily, the drive home was so easy (three roads to get home from Hershey!), no traffic and I was home before it was too dark. A quick shower, checked things here, and I'm ready to bed. I won't find a kiss on my pillow, but I sure will have "sweet" dreams.

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  1. You WERE a great help Stacy! It was great that you could be there.