Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1, 2010

MADE it to February 2010. And it's a LEAP YEAR. Always good sign when one makes it to the next month. Not to say it was error free. The script I thought was sent to the secretary to run off for after school drama today never got to her. Thanks to my great parents (my OWN Mom and Dad), they brought it down to school and it was set to give to the kids who were so excited to start drama once again. But other than that, the day went pretty well. This week we are working on Valentines for our soldiers in Iraq, our pen pals, and the staff of Taunton Forge. If I can get all of those done, and make it through geometry, I'll be happy.

GroundHogs day tomorrow. Don't know if the groundhog will see see his shadow or not, but I'd love to see spring come right around the corner. Two days of snow are predicted in the forecast so we'll see.

Here's to a day tomorrow where drama only comes in the form of the club.

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